Last update 8 April 2020

JobBuddy solves the lengthy problem of finding truly trusted service providers quickly.

Kal Glanznig, Founder

Sutherland Shire Young Citizen of Year 2020

I grew up in the Sutherland Shire where the saying goes ‘everyone knows everyone’. As a high school tutor, I was constantly being hired purely on my word-of-mouth credibility from parents. I quickly realised, however, that there was no platform available to share my recommendations and testimonials to get more work.

Every service that I have ever used in my life, from my babysitters, tutors, gym instructors, to even my orthodontist, was hired based on the trust generated from recommendations. The task of finding dependable service providers through my direct network of trust, however, has always been difficult. After multiple phone calls, messages and hours spent scouring the internet, I might have one or two potential service providers that people genuinely recommend.

Australian studies have found that word-of-mouth is still the most popular way to generate new business. At the end of the day, everyone wants a guarantee that the service will be safe and of high quality - and JobBuddy can grant that guarantee.

Through our streamlined solution, service users are able to access providers in their local area that have been recommended by trusted friends and family. Our platform also allows you to communicate instantly with providers through our website and hire them once you are sure they are the right fit.

On the other hand, service providers are able to build up their trusted recommendations from real people in the community and share that with people who are looking to hire them. Trust should never be compromised. JobBuddy makes trust easy to find and simple.


Thomas Beauchamp

Dux Caringbah High School 2018 - Tutor

As a high school tutor, word-of-mouth promotion within the local community is crucial to my business’ success. In today’s world where trust is an increasingly scarce commodity, JobBuddy filters through the masses and provides people with service providers they can rely upon. It enables me to demonstrate my credibility to the local community, increasing the work my staff and I receive.


Last update 09 Jan 2019

It is very simple to get started, simply sign up with your existing Facebook profile which allows you to access your own personal network of service providers. After that, finding quality trusted service providers is only one click away.
We make it really easy to find quality service providers as you are able to see how many of your friends have recommended them and also who they are. For example if your close-friend John Doe recommends a service provider, you can bet your money on John Doe’s judgement or even message John Doe on our ‘Messages’ page to ask for more details on his recommendation. Trust isn’t based on stranger reviews, it’s based on recommendations from people that you already know.
We want the jobBuddy experience to be superior so we decided to focus on a select few categories to make sure that you are able to find trusted service providers that you want to use to get the job done. As we grow we will continue to add new categories to bring trust validation and our simple process to more people.
Our business model is really simple, service providers pay a small access fee in order to be found by their networks to get more work. We don’t offer any payment options on the platform unlike other marketplaces, allowing the service provider to be paid however they wish. It is this flexibility and access to more work that has service providers busting down our doors to join as we provide them great value. On top of this we have zero-ads and are completely FREE for people looking for services as we believe our solution to the problem of finding trusted service providers should be accessible to all.
That is okay. You are still able to access service providers and view their profile to see whether you have any connections to them or if they have been recommended by your friends or mutual friends. In the unlikely event that none of your friends or mutual friends have signed up, you have the ability to find service providers that have been recommended by a large number of people in your community.

Get more recommendations to be found and hired by more people.